Monday, November 2, 2009

All our sculptures are made to order, designed, painted and polished individually in a small workshop environment in downtown Winona, Minnesota.

Every high-rise condo, luxury office, executive suite, ranch house, and farmstead must have a Smith Studio Sculpture in it. Sculptures shouldn’t only be in the hands of museums: anyone who respects the merits of sculpture should have one in their home. A sculpture is indispensable and sublime, the epitome of style and class, a perfect design object, a timeless form to enjoy for generations.

The Sculpture is where it all begins, it is a perch from which a new and exciting world is being born, and in this sense Smith Studio is more than just sculpture. We are in the business of putting our sculptures and our message into the hands of people that also want something more, people that want to join us on the adventure.

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